Thursday, May 13, 2010

魔女の条件 (forbidden love)

En français

魔女の条件 is a Japanese drama in 11 episodes from 1999.

Michi is a teacher in high school. She always tries to keep the appearance and to be perfect either for her parents, her fiance she doesn't love, her colleagues or her students. Until Hikaru is transferred to her school and she falls in love with him. She first starts to resist her feeling before making their relationship the most important things she has. But a teacher being in love with her 17 years old student is not authorized by society's rules.

Casting :
松嶋菜々子 as Hirose Michi
滝沢秀明 as Kurosawa Hikaru
黒木瞳 as Kurosawa Kyoko (Hikaru's mother)
別所哲也 as Kitai Masaru (Michi's fiance)
西田尚美 as Uda Kiriko (Michi's best friend)
山田麻衣子 as Kinoshita Jun (Michi's student)
白川由美 as Hirose Motoko (Michi's mother)
辻萬長 as Hirose Kenichi (Michi's father)
山口祐一郎 as Godai Yu (Kyoko's lover)
田山涼成 as Okajima Sensei (Ryousei High School Director)
温水洋一 as Matsuoka Sensei (History Teacher)

I like how Michi learn to do things for herself when she meets Hikaru instead of always following the rules that other people have made for her. I like how she decide to rebel and to never give up. I also thing that a lot of characters have a really crazy behavior. Especially Masaru who can't seems to give up no matter what she does and Kyoko who seems in love with her son. One of my favorite character is Michi's mother, she always seems to know everything that other people feel, probably because she gave up a lot an regret it.
I also like the music in this drama, I also have the OST.

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