Tuesday, September 15, 2009

겨울연가 Winter sonata

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겨울연가 is a Korean drama (2002) and second part of the KBS TV drama series Endless Love in 20 episodes.

18 years old Joon-Sang move to Chuncheon looking for his father. 18 years before, his mother a famous pianist was friend with two boys and Joon-Sang thinks one of them is his father.
During his stay in Chuncheon, he fall in love with Yu-Jin, the daughter of one of his mother friends. Reallising that she might be his sister, he decide to fly away to the US, but get into a road accident and dye.

Few years latter, as Yu-Jin is about to get married to her childhood friend Sang-Hyuk. Their friend Che-Lin comes back from France with her boy friend Min-Hyung, the spitting image of Joon-Sang.

I really enjoyed this drama. I especially liked the fact that without his memory Joon-Sang was still able to find in love with the same person. In a sense that remind me a bit of 마지막 춤은 나와 함께. 배용준 is as brilliant as ever.


배용준 (Bae Yong Joon) (태왕사신기, 외출 )
최지우 (Choi Ji Woo) (Beautiful days)
박용하 (Park Yong Ha) (
솔미 (Park Sol Mi) (바람의 전설 (Dance with the wind))
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