Sunday, June 29, 2008

시월애, Il Mare

En français
"시월애, ( Il Mare )" is the Korean original movie by by Lee Hyun-seung (2000) that precede the American one "The Lake House".
I've seen "The Lake House" first at the cinema and liked it. Then I was told by a friend that the original version was Korean and I really prefer "시월애".

Eun-joo, a cartoon voice actress, moves out from a house near the sea called "Il mare".
As she comes for her mail she begins to communicate through the mail box with Sung-hyun, an architect, who was leaving in this house two years before her.

This movie is very calm and romantic. The distance in time between the characters show that true love can really face everything.
"시월애" was the first movie I watched in Korean, and I loved it.
Probably if I watch it again now I won't need subtitle. I should try and see.

Eun-joo is played by 전지현 famous for her role in "엽기적인 그녀, ( My Sassy Girl )", she can also be seen in 데이지 (Daisy ). More information and download can be find here.
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