Monday, June 30, 2008

Amigurumi Hamtaro

En français
Here is my little Hamtaro . The patterns come from a Japanese book but I made some changes for the eyes and the hears especially.
The Japanese patterns are a bit easier to read now that I know some kanjis. So cool !!! Already in practice.
I think he really look like the real one. Maybe I'm going to make him some friends some time, I don't know yet, they are all so cute but there are also so many Amigurumi that I can knit anyway.


  1. OMG ITS HAMTARO I Love hamtaro its so cute :P

  2. hi! your hamtaro is super cute! i want to make one... I have the pattern but I don't understand circle symbols... please can you tell me what they mean???

  3. Hi Joscelyn
    If you show me your pattern I'll explain you what the symbols mean of course.