Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Strasbourg

After a good night in the train full of drunk Serbian student, we arrived very early in France.
We have now the all morning to visit Strasbourg before taking our train to Paris at 2.36 pm.
Contrarily to all other countries, no places to left our luggage, no coffee and no breakfast in the train station. That's really really a shame.

We finally found something to eat anyway and visited the city. That is a bonus, we didn't plan that at the beginning of the journey.
None of us visited it before and we found it very nice, with the river and grinder.
We took our train to Paris and then our train to Rennes.
We finally arrived home at 10 pm, Sébastien is supposed to work tomorrow.
This travel makes us want to do a bigger an of that kind ... see you for that later.

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