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천년여우 여우비 (Yobi, the five tailed fox)

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천년여우 여우비 is an animated Korean movie from Lee Seong-gang (2007). Lee Seong-gang also realised 마리 이야기 (My beautiful girl, Mari 2002).
손예진(孫藝珍) (외출, April Snow) lends her voice to 여우비.
It received the first place of "Prix du public du film d'animation" in the "Palmarès 2007 du festival Cinémas et Cultures d'Asie" from the French association Asiexpo.
In Asian legends, the fox is a magical animal that can take the shape of a human being and plays magic tricks. They scared the population and need to steal a human soul to become human as well.

In 천년여우 여우비, an extraterrestrial ship falls in the forest, the six aliens meet a five-tailed fox named 여우비 (Yobi).
100 years later, as they are trying to go back to their planet, one of them goes to the nearest village. The little fox decides to go and look for him, so she attends school as a little girl.
Here she will meet human friends for the first time, but she also need to be careful about the fox hunter and his dogs and a strange shadow.

This animation is as good as a Miyazaki, the master of the kind.
The story is funny and the characters interesting.
They are also well drawn, the color and the music are beautiful.
I really like the 스핑크스 song.

More information and download can be find here.
Other transformable animals are the Tanuki from the Japanese animation 平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ (Pom Poko).
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