Saturday, May 24, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Berlin, Part 1

En français
One more time we begun our day by a German breakfast.
We have decided to spend the day visiting famous places in Berlin. After preparing the necessary bags and tried to phone a friend, we started in Kürfursterdam, the German Champs-Élysées. At the end we arrived in front of the Geheimnis Kirche, the church of memories, with one side old and one side new. I really like it.
We continued our visit to Alexanderplatz and the sophisticated Potzdamerplatz then we saw a part of the Berliner Mauer.
By the end of the afternoon we arrived near Brandenburger Tor where I found myself a raven black with only one socks. Nearby we could see the famous Reichstag, the dome was unfortunately unattainable. From there we could also see Strasse des 17. Juni and the further away Siegessäule. We spend the evening watching pictures. Tomorrow evening, direction Kobenhavn.

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