Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 173: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

She was giving a tour of the place to the twins but she couldn't help feeling out of place. People were watching, people were stopping their conversation and turning away every time they approached. It was better with the two boys to protect her, despite what her parents had said, it didn't feel like a safe place at all. The Nephilims were different, she had seen them transform into animals to carry stones and wood to repair the sanctuary more easily. She had tried to help but her help wasn't welcome. She was losing confidence in her own powers, all she could do was to throw storms when she was angry, to make it rain, to have the wind blow everything away. That was her power, they said she was and air demon but she wasn't sure. There was water in her storm and she didn't feel any particular attraction toward any of the element. This people, their hiding place had been partially destroyed but they had still each other and they could still rebuild. The last time her brother came home, with the Hunters waiting for him in the living-room she had lost everything, her house, her status in her World, her friends, everything she cared about except for Taram. She hold on to his hand a bit tighter, he was glad to have him here even if there was no way they could stay alone as she shared a small room with her parents. Her father had said that it was just temporary but she knew that Seti being himself was not temporary and that he would never let go of them. She hated him for being different, she was happy he had tried to help her but the consequences were more than disastrous. Taram suddenly let go of her hand and started to walk faster in the corridor. There was a girl with a shoulder on the wall, she seemed to be waiting for someone playing with her curly light brown hair that didn't differ from the color of her skin.

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