Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday 6: The Bayards' house

Hi guys and welcome to a new  Tantalizing Tuesday and you can find the list of participants here.

This time I'm sharing the beginning of a never finished old WIP called "The Bayards' House", I really mean to finish this one but it seems there is always something more pressing to write. Anyway, I should get back to it at some point. Sedana is a secondary character from Demon Soul in the Demon Series and Attic Mirror. This time, this book is more about his story.

Sedana yawned and put his feet on the floor, one after the other. It was so dark in the bedroom that he couldn’t even see them. 
His hand fumbled on his night table to get his magic wand. He grabbed and shook it to get some light but nothing came out. He shook it more energetically wondering once more why they couldn’t use their electricity to have light in the morning like normal people. 
The first time he had visited his friend's place everything had seemed so marvelous to him especially that they didn’t have to worry about being in the dark. 
Nothing came out of his wand again. He stroked the wand in his messy dark hair, generally static electricity help it to awake up in the morning. With a little bit of spit, the light finally came out. 
Sedana got up yawning once more and walked to the door. He opened it and pulled the switch on the right side. It was pretty much looking like a switch to turn on the light but a noise of something sliding on rail could be heard. Sedana hit his leg with his free hand impatiently. Why did it always have to be so slow? 


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