Saturday, March 3, 2018

Azone Doll Review: Moi Lumi Raili Excute series 12th (with video)

Today I have for you the review of Raili Moi Lumi from the excute series 12th. 
She is the exchange student of the group. She is super pale because she comes for the north. I really love Raili. Raili Swan Lake was the first doll I bought in the Otogi no Kuni series. This Raili also has a touch of winter in her colors and outfit. 

I had a little bit of trouble with her since the part holding the legs to the body came undone when I tried to make her sit down. I don't know if it's just mine yet (you know how unlucky I tend to get with missing pieces in dolls) or if it's just because she is on the new M body and it has a general problem. 
I contacted Azone to see what we can do about it, I'll let you know. 
I tried to fix the body before giving up and finally taking the pictures, I had to push the part back in at each change of position but she can still do crazy position with the new body. 

Of course since they show her with the ice skate in her little book I decide to go and put her on skate to see if I could do the same. It was really laborious but it sort of did it. I guess with a better piece attaching the legs to the body she can be quite the figure skater. 

Please don't forget to leave your questions for the Q&A.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures

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