Sunday, February 4, 2018

WeWriWar 238: Demon Soul

Welcome to a new excerpt of DEMON SOUL for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.

Brownie is a normal girl, or so she thinks. She likes to chat with her sisters about random things, she likes fashion and she is member of the fashion club at school. But one day, as her little brother gets really sick because of a curse placed on him, she meets this really strange guy who cures him absorbing the baby's sickness within himself. As he is about to fall from his new acquired fever, Brownie sees Yue's soul and immediately falls in love with him. But Yue is not a human, Yue is a demon.
Brownie and Yue will built their love story until....

Until Yue's soul is stolen. There is nothing left of their love. The purple light dancing in Yue's grey eyes is gone. Forever? Not quite. Brownie is desperate to find it back. And to get a soul stolen by demons, she needs to go deep into dark magic! But Brownie is not a witch, she is just looking for a spell powerful enough to bring her love back. When an amateur starts playing with strong magic without preparation and without caring for the consequences, things turn wrong...

Let's start right where we left off

"Yobi, Yobi, can you come here?” She called.
A red-haired little boy, smiling evilly, with fox ears on the top of his head and nine tails moving happily on his back walked out of the living room.

Yobi was also very special. He had been rescued from a farm where he was held prisoner after trying to hunt chickens. He was a four hundred years old nine-tailed fox but for a fox being four hundred years old was a very young age. The farmers had no idea what to do with him because sometimes he looked like a fox, sometimes like a little boy. He had been driving them crazy for months when he was brought here. Now, his most delightful activity was to pull pranks on everybody with his magical powers.

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  1. A nine tailed fox must be quite a sight! Great bit of imaginative description!

  2. OMG, he sounds like a good boy and a sneak. You had me at nine-tailed fox!

  3. I love your creativity inventing characters, Linda! It reminds me of the coyote in Native American lore. Nice!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous character. So playful and probably great at getting into mischief. Tweeted.

  5. I don't know what to do with somebody like that.

  6. A kitsune! And only four hundred years old? he's just a baby!

  7. Great imagery of Yobi. I like the character.

  8. Ha! She has an alterior motive for keeping him there. Great snippet

  9. A nine-tailed fox? Yikes! Wouldn't want to meet up with him.

  10. Sounds like quite the handful! Fun snippet.

  11. Aww, cute from a distance. Probably less cute when you have to deal with the pranks!