Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday 1: Sun Kiss

Hi guys and welcome to a new Blog Hop. It's called Tantalizing Tuesday and you can find the list of participants here
Every week I have multiple Blog Hops on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, where I share snippet of my novels following each other so you can have longer stories. For this new Blog Hop however, I will be sharing random snippets of unfinished novel. If there is one you like best, feel free to let me know to have more of it.

Jane had been bent over the Latin text for more than half an hour now and it just started to make sense. She was going through it one more time methodically, underlining the words in each case with a different color.
“I really need to finish that now, ” she thought looking at the big clock on the wall in front of the desk. 
It was almost three in the morning and she had one hour left before going to bed. She took a deep breath, sometimes being a polyphasic sleeper was annoying. But at least she was able to do more things than anybody she knew. Once again she needed to want doing them but that wasn’t the point here. She had lots of things to prove to herself and understanding Latin in a record time was one of them. Arthur Rimbaud did it before so there was no reason why she couldn’t. That’s why she was trying to read the Aeneid just like he did.
She took a sip of her tea, it was cold. Her tea was always getting cold before she thought about drinking it. She had so much to think about. She reread the first sentence and smiled that was it.


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