Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday 3: Vampire Heart

Hi guys and welcome to a new  Tantalizing Tuesday and you can find the list of participants here.

This time I'm sharing a little bit of Vampire Heart. It's further in the story than we ever reached on Vampire Friday but since I'm in the snow at the moment, I thought it would be appropriate.

 Photo taken by me today.

The wolves howled outside. They were gone to the forest, Alexei and Jarek. Alexei somehow knew what he was doing, they were far away enough not to come back for the people in the inn. I had warned them about wolves that we had seen on the way. And I had warned the people in the inn that my two men would be standing outside in watch for the night but that they should be ready. 

 The inn keeper had tried to laugh me off but Irina had told him that if he wanted to stay alive a little bit longer he had to be careful tonight as wolf had already killed people in the south. That was too much information for my taste, the man didn't need to know we were coming from the south but he still locked the door and the wooden curtains on the ground floor's windows. Everything was ready. 

 Whatever was to happen here tonight had nothing to do with me anymore. I had an appointment with couple of dragons and a ravaged church library. I jumped through the window and landed on the ground covered with a thick blanket of snow, that stopped the sound of my fall from getting to the ear of undesired people, and I ran. 


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  1. Another intriguing tease from you that makes me want to find out more about this world :-)