Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lil'fairy Box Opening and Review: Little Maid Erunoe (with video)

Today, I'm continuing with my lil'fairy series 1 review series.
The second doll to be made by azone for the lil'fairies is Erunoe.
She is the little blond girl with the large blue eyes.
I probably said in the video that the eye colour didn't change but actually this version of Erunoe has a darker more greyish blue colour to her eyes than the Erunoe from the second series or the lastest Christmas version.
Erunoe comes with a broom and a cleaning sheet just like Lipu but her broom is a bit different. She also comes with the outfit that can be made, winter dress and summer dress depending on how she is wearing it. It's really cool. I like this version of the doll.
I am still missing the Erunoe school girl and Azone staff doll show limited version but I hope to find them some day.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures


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