Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 114

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
To make sure that the message had hit the brain without going from one ear to the other, he lowered himself down and hit him in the face with his knees before landing behind him. Torsti was disoriented and felt of dragged by the weight of his heavy hammer. Lonan’s laughter resonated in the entire room followed by the laugh of others. Yue was really something else but the laughter didn’t mean that they were all going to let him have his way with the witch. Kion had said that she had to die if they were to live and that was enough, they didn’t need any proves, all they needed was a good kill. Kill first then think about the consequences if you have enough time for it or if you had the conscious to care, that was one of the law in the demon world. Yue wouldn’t possibly be able to face all of them anyway.
He turned around and rearranged his wings. Lying on the side he evaluated his situation. He didn’t need to look for the witch anymore, they had her, and they would give her to him as soon as they desired. He didn’t know when that was and he didn’t want to wait for it. They might as well kill her, demons’ words were nothing to be trusted. They had brought that monster of a demon to tell the others to kill her, he wasn’t sure if he could find her alive if any other demon was to see her first, the demons had a high level of self conservation, they would do anything to eliminate any potential threat to their lives even though they didn’t think much about it and it could even mean they would die to protect their own lives. He needed to find her now, but he couldn’t really go out in the lobby now. His main problem was that he didn’t know who was going to team up against him. He had already ridiculed Torsti which was a good way of preventing him to team up with anyone, he had also ridiculed Kamaril but that was before he was able to survive the big fight. Even though Kamaril seemed to be on his side he did still not trust him, revenge was one of the main demon traits, wasn’t he himself going after the witch for revenge?

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