Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 112

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
If he was to roast in the red fire then so be it, it was the brightest future he had seen so far. He wanted to see the outside but he also knew that there was nothing for him over there. The hunters were protecting him and keeping him alive because he had some value to them, if he was going out, there would be nothing to stop the demon laws to fall on him. He could see the future but except for that he was a really weak demons, they hadn’t let him take the test for his powers to arise when he was of age, they had injecting him with drug inhibiting the development of that period until it was too late. He didn’t have any powers usual demons would have, in the outside just like here he would be unable to protect himself but at least here, he knew the rules. He was like a women beaten by her husband who would still go home every day just because she knew where it was and anything unknown felt scary. He didn’t have any fear left but he was still scared of the unknown even though there was supposedly nothing unknown to him, the future was just a set of parameters that he was trying to play with.
He just looked at Yue and smiled, opening his lips to show all his white teeth, that smile was looking insane even more as the scare on his face seemed to increase the aperture of his mouth to an insane extend, it seemed to be a very painful smile to wear.
“But nobody will kill the witch”, Yue said.
“Why not?” Torsti answered.
“Because I said so”, Yue answered.
“That’s not a reason good enough”, Torsti answered.
He was playing with his hammer turning the stick of it in his hands in circle making light coming from the ground where the head was stroking the rocks on the grounds. He was looking at Yue intensely.

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