Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sample doll review: La Robe Vert Blue Royale (with video)

Let's start a little series of reviews of the Sample Dolls I got from Groove at the doll show 48. I got five dolls that time around.
If you missed the doll show video you can check it here.
If you missed the haul video from the doll show and want to know which dolls are going to be reviewed next, you can check it here.

Today's I'm reviewing pullip La robe Vert Bleu Royale since she decided to get out of her bag all by herself during the reveal video.
La robe Vert Blue Royale is a collaboration doll between Groove, Baby he Stars Shine Bright and Fukasawa Midori from the end of 2015. She is also a recoloration of pullip La Robe Vert Clair who came out in 2014.
I was really attracted to this version when she came out, a lot more than by the original. I think the color scheme suit her really well. she has a really natural looking face up with barely any blushing, brown eye shadow and light pink lips. She also has a nice short wig with curled hair. That type of curled hair is generally seen on longer wigs so it's a very nice change. Of course, she is wearing a Royal blue colored dress incremented with beige and golden ribbons. I really like the color combination on her outfit that gives her a Royal side, especially that she comes with a little crone on top of her head. 

Her quote is: To wear a noble color of dress on an important day... Lets serve it more elegantly... A wonderful dress makes me a lady... Feel Like So. 

Here is the video.

And here are some pictures.

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