Friday, February 17, 2017

Sample Doll Opening and Review: Pullip Gretel (with video)

Today let's enter a fairy tales. Groove sort of started a new series of fairy tale dolls. I'm not talking about the crazy Disney doll series, I'm talking about the fresh vision and design of the Groove version of the fairy tales.
They had in the past created Cinderella with a princess version, a peasant version, the prince, the fairy god mother and the evil step sister. They also had created their own version of Snow white, with princess Snow White, the prince, sentimental noon, the evil step mother and the evil step mother in disguise.
This time, it seems that the new series are more of a couple. So we have first Hansel and Gretel, and then The Princess and the Frog. I think Hansel and Gretel could have done with a witch but maybe that's just me.
Anyway, in this video, I'm reviewing Pullip Gretel. I'm planning on getting her brother someday but I haven't managed to get him yet. Gretel comes from the Grimm fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" which is the story of two kids abandoned in the forest by their father and they end up at a ginger bread house. The house is entirely made of candies and sweet stuff and of course they are super hungry so they start eating it. The thing is, it belongs to a very bad witch who decides to eat them.
Pullip Gretel has the right German style from fairy tales. My only problem with her is that I wished she would come with more candy style stuff. She only has little meringue shaped felt on her head piece.
She has a very orange coloured face up and green eyes that totally goes with her orange and light brown and green outfit. She looks really nice as a whole. She has nice little details such as bows and lace and different type of fabric for her outfit but not in an exuberant manner. She is really pretty. 

Her quote: ♪ Hansel! look! The house, made of candy! Only a little, I wonder if it may be tasting?

Here is the video
And here are some pictures

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