Friday, February 10, 2017

Grail doll review: Pullip Romantic Alice Blue version (with video)

Welcome to a new Grail doll video.
This time it's not a 100% grail doll. My true Grail doll in this series was the pink version which I managed to get when she came back out in November 2015, but I still hadn't found the blue version for a reasonable price, so I guess she became the last one to get to finish my Romantic Alice series that is until monochrome Alice was made. There is always something that stops me from getting a complete pullip series lol.
There are now seven dolls in this series: The Taeyang Romantic Mad hatter, the Romantic King Isul, The Romantic Queen Byu, The romantic White Rabbit Dal and Three Romantic Alice: Pink, Blue and Monochrome. Fidel to myself I don't want the Buyl so I'm now only missing the Monochrome Alice.
Anyway, I managed to find her on yahoo auction, which really seems to be the place to get all the rare dolls for relatively cheaper.
The blue version of romantic Alice is different from the pink version especially because of her hair. She has super wavy hair, it's a bit wavier than Typhona.
She is also very sweet and pretty.

Here are some pictures of her and the rest of the series.

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