Thursday, February 9, 2017

Azone doll Box opening and review: Lil'fairy Erunoe Azone Helper, Azone store limited (with video)

Once upon a time when I started collecting Azone dolls, I decided that I was going to get only the 4 Lil'fairies of the 2nd series. Talk about random limitations.
After a while though, my husband made me by the limited happy new year Lipu and then Azone released two new Lil'fairies character as steampunk doll. I swear I'm not obsessed with steampunk I just need to get all things steampunk, see not an obsession at all.
Then came the second wave of Neili and Riam and by that time my 4 Lil'fairies only resolution was way out the window and I had nine of them. So I decided to get the three limited doll maid with colored hair.
Fast forward until a few days ago when my friend managed to catch one of the very elusive limited azone store school girl Lipu ended up with all the Lipu lil'fairy.
Well, that sort of made me think a little.
"How many Lil'fairies are there in total?" I asked.
Turns out there are 22 and I already had 13, which meant only 9 left to get them all, sort of interesting. So I did some research for them on the internet and I found 6 of them. I haven't bought them all yet but I did win two on yahoo auction. So now I have 15 and 7 missing. I'm sure at least the 3 I haven't found are going to play super hard to get but I just need to get lucky once.

One of the girls I just bought is Erunoe, the Azone helper. You can see that she is a Azone store staff member because she has an apron with Azone written on it. She is the Azone store limited version, there is also a doll show limited which is probably the rarest out there.
She is really cute with pink hair and little braid and a sweet little light yellow dress under her apron. 

I have bough the azone helper outfit in blue and pink so I dressed up two of my other girls for a photo session, but it seems they were more interested in having a cup of tea than cleaning up.

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