Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pullip Grail Doll Review: Adsiltia (with video)

Today I'm reviewing Adsiltia, the twin sister of Isolde. If you haven't seen Isolde's video yet, you can have a look here

Adsiltia wasn't really on my grail doll list though she was so hard to get that she feels a bit like a grail doll. She is more like a doll I wanted because I wanted Isolde and I knew they would look great together and also because I might get the entire collection of dolls made by H. Naoto and she is part of it. 
On top of that, she is really super cute. She is wearing this super extravagant hair style, same as Isolde but in Brown. She has also the same outfit but in black and sort of pink going on purple. She also has purple eyes, which is awesome.

Here are some pictures.

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