Thursday, January 12, 2017

Himeno Wizard of Oz box opening and review (Otogi no Kuni series) (with video)

Today, I'm opening and reviewing the last of the Otogi no Kuni excute for now. She is the Himeno Wizard of Oz doll and she was released at the end of December. I didn't preorder her and she is actually still up for grab at different places including so you can go check her out if you want to get her. I think the fact that she doesn't have red shoes turned a bit of people off.

The next otogi no Kuni to be released at the end of this month is Mia Snow Queen, I participated to the click war this morning and managed to pre-order her from She was really expected by a lot of people and I was lucky to get her because it seems that she is already sold out.

I will be going to the Doll Show on Sunday and I'm expecting Azone to have a lot of announcement. I would love to see Aoto and Yuta's version of Otogi no Kuni are they are the last azone characters to participate in this series. I also hope for a Fuka and Wakaba version appearance in this series, fingers crossed.

Here are some pictures

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