Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Doll box opening: Maya and Lycee Limited ver. Twinkle a la mode (with video)

I wanted to open these two dolls yesterday but I got a bit caught up in some crocheting projects.
So today instead, I'm opening Maya and Lycee limited version of the Twinkle a la mode series. You can recognise the limited versions because they both have the limited glittery sticker saying limited on their box and because they are both dressed in white.
I got them both from my "secret" second hand store and for cheaper than the retail price so I was very lucky.

Two days ago I managed to get Yuzuha regular version on yahoo auction and she has been sent to me today so I should get her really soon making it a new complete Sahra's a la mode series for me. 

Here are some pictures

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