Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vlog #57 Shopping and Mini Hibarichan (with videos)

We went out finally to get some more furnitures for my stuff, mostly for my yarn and fabric supplies so I'll be able to get a lot more things done when I can readily access my stuff instead of having to dig it up.
The furniture will be delivered later but I came home with a polar bear named Luigi.
Ikea was fun and I even got a Swedish meal. Ikki decided he wanted Italian though.
Last night after the end of Vlog #56, I made a mini Hibarichan for my mini me pullip. It was my first time sewing a plushy. She is made out of felt with some fluffy yarn for her tail and hair. It isn't really the same scale between my pullip mini me and me and her Hibarichan and her mini me but I guess that's still good enough. I didn't see how I could really make something smaller out of felt, though I might be able to do so crocheting.

Here are some pictures

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