Saturday, September 10, 2016

Q&A number 1 with Hibarichan (with video)

In this video, Hibarichan and I answer questions from our lovely subscribers:

Questions for Linda:
1. How is it like leaving is Japan?
2. how long have you been there?
3. Do you want to live in a traditional japanese house?
4. How's your experience there?
5. How's your boyfriend like?
6. Do your boyfriend like dolly too?
7. Do you like Sweden? ( I live there)
8. Do you understand any swedish?

Questions for Hibarichan:
1. What is your favorite chocolate?
2. And does Linda give you enough of it as often as you like?
3. If you have too choose just one to eat your entire live between strawberry mix with (things you hate to eat) or carrot mix milk? thehehe ( ^ U^)
4. Who is your favourite doll friend?

I hope you'll enjoy this video. Please do NOT send chocolate to Hibarichan even if she promises you to give you a ride on her carrot.

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