Monday, August 8, 2016

Sweet day! Who wants cake? (With doll videos and photo album)

In this video I introduce my newly arrived Alpaca. I also discussed how I always wait for ever before actually buying stuff I want and often it ends up being sold out before I can make the decision to purchase it.
I also show of some of my stuff from a recent trip to the yakuyen store. I managed to find really cute fabric for new doll outfits (they can also be used for background during a photo session. As well as little erasers in the shape of food, cakes and sweets that I go for my dolls.
Of course as usual the video finishes with a photo session and you can see how the sweets and cakes fit with pullip, taeyang, isul, my bjd soso from Ppinkydoll and my romantic sugar frill kikipops.
I really like those little erasers, I'm thinking that I might try to get some more. Maybe not cakes but sushis or even objects that the dolls could use.

Here is the video
Here are some pictures from the facebook album.

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