Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sample doll opening and review: Noir (with video)

Noir is one of the pullip dolls from the regeneration series. Older dolls were remade in 2012 in a series called regeneretion. These dolls are not otherwise related just they were popular so they came back in store with a bit of freshen up. Their face up changed slightly and for some of them small modifications appeared in their stock as well.

I think that Noir looks a lot like Seila in many aspect, as if Seila is a more sophisticated and modern version of Noir. For example, they have a similar hair color, Seila's hair is really sophisticated with small twist and a second piece while Noir's twist are more loose. They both have odd eyes in the same color except that Seila's are rather transparent while Noir's are opaque. They are both wearing a black dress even though Noir's is more modest in details with a lot less lace. They also both wear tights. And both have a black hair accessory.

The particularity of Pullip Noir is her black lips and her pierced ear and mouth linked with a chain.

She was supposed to come with a teddy bear but her teddy bear was missing, missing piece can happen with sample dolls but that's still a little unfortunate. I will have to try and find her a teddy bear later.

Noir's quote: In the dark of the darkness. is where I feel calm. The only light is the white moon… …Feel Like So

Here is the video.
This is a witchy story. In the video, Hibarichan and I set up our altar to conjure a new pullip doll. Our target: Pullip Noir. After a bit of trouble with the setting up of the formula, she finally appears.  

And here are some pictures.

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