Friday, August 12, 2016

Sample doll opening and review (my little monsters dal part 1): Dal Tezca (with video)

This time, I made a series of sample bags opening by opening three dals which I think fit together. There will be Tezca (in this video) Hangry and Angry in the two following videos.
I decided to open them all together because they seem a bit like little monsters to me. They are all dressed in black colors with rick punk, hell style.

Tezca is the counter part of Dal Lipoca. She is a little devil in bunny clothes. Yes, yes, just another bunny, it seems like I can't stop with the bunnies these days. I wanted her for a while and she was on the second hand dolls website that I usually use but when I ordered her they say she wasn't available. She was still on their website last time I checked. It's really weird. So I was really happy to find her at the Groove Headquarter.
I really like her unique hair style and her outfit. She has a basic T-shirt and a skirt made of two pieces one covering the front the other covering the back. She also has a lot of parts like leg warmers, wrist warmers, tights, polka dotted shoes and her awesome bunny hat and claws. 

Her quote is: I always dash out in front of people and make people surprise!!! I love to make tricks to people and I never lose against Lipoca.
While Lipoca's quote is: I'm practicing so hard, but no one seems to be surprised. Why? Why? I missed again ! But I'll surprise Tezca someday!

I had my Lipoca for a long time from the first Groove sale at one of the doll show. I think they are going to be great friends despite the rivalry and do a lot of mischief together.

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