Friday, August 12, 2016

Sample doll opening and review (my little monsters dal part 2): Dal Hangry (with video)

This is the second part of my opening my little monster dals sample dolls with Dal Tezca, Dal Hangry and Dal Angry. This time I'm opening Dal Hangry, that's the one with the yellow hair and the monster jacket. 

Dal Hangry is a part of the first series of collaboration with H. Naoto. This series is composed of three dolls, Dal Hangry, Pullip Prunella and Taeyang Horizon. After some research it seems that Hangry is the only one actually part of a Japanese band called Hangry&Angry. The other dolls in the series are presenting different lines of clothing by H. Naoto because H. Naoto is basically a clothes creator for humans. 

It's funny that Dal Hangry and Dal Angry are actually not part of the same series, they were released one year and a month apart, but are still part of the same band.

Dal Hangry is a pretty unique doll because of her fluo yellow wig and her orange lips which make her really special. She also has and amazing outfit in red and black, I especially like her jacket because it has those white claws at the end of the sleeves. Dal Hangry comes with a Angry cat plush.

Her quote is: I am punky Hangry. Angry loves Gothlori. We are the strongest combination!

Gothlori refers to Goth-lolita style with a weird Japanese-English spelling using a r instead of l.

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