Friday, August 26, 2016

Sample Doll Opening and Review: Isul Tete (with video)

Isul Tete is my second doll in the multivic series. The first one was Dal DeLorean whose bag I opened in the previous video. There are four dolls in the Multivic series Pulli Yona, Dal DeLorean, Isul Tete and Byul Stefie.

I think Isul Tete is a really fierce little guy. He has a more manly face up than most Isuls and I like his full and frowning brows.
He is wearing a sort of Croatian traditional outfit or something from the Alps, I'm not too sure.

There was a lot of surprise for me on his outfit. First he was the one Isul I didn't recognize straight away at what he was wearing. Then he is wearing a rather long and flowery top and what I thought were his short trousers end up being a strangely shaped skirt.
He is also wearing Moccasin instead of Clogs. He comes with a hood, a flowery scarf in the same color as his socks and a red jacket.

His quote is: Love You... Love You Not... Love You... Love You Not... I will dedicate this last petal to you.

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