Saturday, June 25, 2016

What happened this morning (Ppinkydolls bjd win) and Shopping in Akihabara (Tons of dolls)

This morning, I had the awesome surprise to be the winner of the Ppinkdolls give away. I won a wonderful Soso doll.
Ppinkdolls create wonderful and unique bjds. You can check those dolls on their facebook page or etsy stores.
Ppinkdolls Facebook, Ppinkdolls etsy 1 (dolls), Ppinkdolls etsy 2 (Outfits).              
Seriously, I can't wait to get my doll. I won a blank nude doll and arrange for a complete set with Ppinkdolls. My Soso should be here soon and I will of course make a video for the box opening and take a lot of pictures.

Then in the afternoon I went to Akihabara. After I released my video about my MIO dolls, one of my facebook friend and my boyfriend talked to me into making more MIO dolls. So I went to get some kits and some art supplies at Radio Kaikan and Hobby Paradise. Of course, I took a lot of pictures of dolls at the Azone store as usual so you'll see all of that in the video.
I also had the chance of finding the newly out otogi no kuni excute Minami Mermaid doll but that's another story for the next video.

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