Friday, June 24, 2016

Pulli Doll: Isul Ciel Smile Version (with video)

Isul Ciel came out in 2015 so about one year ago and at that time I had just started watching Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). He is called the Isul Smile version even though he is really not smiling much.

There are several version of Ciel made by groove but the others are Dals: Ciel and Ciel Robin Version (the version from the Alice in Wonderland episode).

There are other characters from the anime: Pullip Grell, Taeyang Sebastien (Black Butler Sebastian, Sebastian Private Teacher Version and Sebastian Black Circus Version) Taeyang Undertaker and Taeyang Grell.
That's a total of 9 dolls (I said 5 or 6 in the video and corrected myself to 8, sorry about that).
It's the series with the most male characters and even if they started being portrait as female (Pullip or Dal) They ended up being recreated as Taeyang and Isul without a pulip counterpart and I think that's really interesting as it's rare for a serie to have a majority of Taeyang instead of pullip.
I'm not sure if I'll ever get the other dolls in this series. I still wished they had a regular version of Ciel as an Isul because I like his regular outfit. I might made on myself if I ever feel like it.

Dolk I.O.S. inc. also have very classy 1/3 scale version of Ciel and Sebastien.

Here is the video
And here are some pictures with Laura and Alura, they are both part of the "Gothic circus" while Ciel is part of "The book of circus".

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