Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Building the new shelf and new tour de shelf

I received my new shelf so it was time to build it up and to get my dolls on it for the dolls who didn't have a shelf and the dolls who where placed in a clutter.

Of course after building the shelf I show you what the place looks like with all that new space for my dolls. It's filling up really quickly so I hope to be able to put the new dolls from my wish list on the shelves without having to deal with getting a new one too soon. At the moment I just get one new shelf a year so that's still sustainable.

The new shelf allows me a better organization by theme, with a shelf only for Alice in Wonderland while the fairy tale theme doll move to the new shelf with the darker theme dolls and the little prince series. A shelves shared between my kikipop, my doll from Sheryl's design and the doll in kigurumi (moon and paja) I also have a space there for the rest of the otogi no kuni dolls who don't have anymore space on the smaller shelf. I also managed to organize a music shelf with  the vocaloids, visual kei, hellcat punks and Nomado. This also allow me to have a better view of my MIO dolls and my dolls from smaller groups on other shelves such as my space girls, Merl and friends, milk latte, and my older dolls. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The next time I run out of space, however, the question will be where to put the shelf.

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