Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Amigurumi Tuesday: Strawberry Short cake

I know Tuesday used to be for movies but I'm either not watching anything, or series or I can't be bothered to write a review in a middle of a movie binge. I might still have some movie posts coming but as I don't when that will be I thought it better to go and get what I already have, that is, Amigurumi post. 

I have been crocheting quite a lot recently so I have several crocheted dolls to show you. The first is strawberry shortcake. 

Here are some details on her head. There are several strawberries  sewn until it.
 Here are a detail of her face. The hair are made with strand of wool and I used the same for the mouth, the eyes are made of felt and glued on the face.
 The color on her T-shirt were sewn after the T-shirt was completed. And she is wearing a sweater around her waist. Her jeans is sewn to her T-shirt so that is doesn't fall to her knees.
 She has girly orange shoes and her jeans is rolled up at the bottom.
 Here is a view from the front. 
 Side view,
 and back view.
 She is about 35cm, quite the cuddly size.

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