Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 70

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

Now he had only two options. The first option was getting out of here fast, with Sahel by pulling the ground up out of the cave. He wasn’t sure to be able to do that, that was reformatting the entire cave and until few minutes ago he didn’t even know that he could move the ground. Plus if they were to go out in the deep air, it was sure that Sahel fire would increase in strength instantaneously and that would be the end of him. The second option was, getting out of here while burying Sahel with his fire in the ground. That was easier to implement, as soon as the ground on his side was going to rise up there was a chance that the rest of the cave which he wouldn’t control would just collapse on itself. Then he would have to go digging for Sahel, considering that Sahel hadn’t reacted first. 

Of course it wasn’t really the optimum ideas, but at least, he was going to make it out alive, even if he wasn’t too sure about what would happen to Sahel. But he didn’t matter much anymore, he was really getting pissed off now, after all, whenever Sahel or Seti decided to go wild, he was always the one getting in trouble to save their asses. Last time he had even being possessed by the god of chaos, having the memory of everything he was touching and destroying get inside of his mind, it has the most uncomfortable thinking experience he had ever had. The teacher had said that people killed by the god of chaos, were killed so fast by being directly absorb as a form of energy into the chaos body that they were unable to see their life pass in front of their life to recall their memory for the compilation of their future life that the memory were flying around and being recorded by the chaos carrier, in other word Seti but at that time, him, and so that the memory and the new life of the people killed would be released only when he would die. Technically he was no carrying more information than his brain should have ever been able to store for one single life even though he couldn’t consciously access the information, they were only coming back to him during nightmare, thanks Seti for the gift. He wondered if Seti was really as bothered as he was by those memories, after all he had carried the chaos with him most of his life, he was probably used to it by now. He stood very close to the wall and put both hand on it. He was attempting to use it as an elevator. The ground below him started to shake, he was scared at his own strength, the noise was increasing rapidly, coming toward him like a monster with open mouth which was coming out of the ground to devour him. He didn’t stop anyway. It was maybe his only chance and there was nothing in the ground, nothing but rocks, the floor elevated itself with two good meters of diameter all around him, he had detached a big part of rock in the ground and it was now moving him up slowly, the ceiling was also shaking, dust and small rocks and old roots and wood pieces where falling all around him as the ceiling separated into two to let him ascent the cave. It was working, he couldn’t believe it, he was going up, he was going out. He started to move faster, and faster in his excitation, moving up was all right, the ground was raising as a frenetic rhythm, it seemed that nothing would ever be able to stop it, he wonder if he could even stop it. The pieces of rocks and dirt falling from the ceiling were becoming bigger and bigger, he didn’t take enough time to break it properly and protect himself. He was shaking his wings to make them go away but that wasn’t sufficient. When the larger rock felt on him, he had to jump on the side to avoid it. Everything stopped as he was falling from his promontory back toward the fire. He extended his wings to fly, looking down, he couldn’t even recognize the place, he had moved up about three floors, there was nothing left of the room he had been in. He suddenly remembered Sahel. In the euphoria of the adrenaline rush provoked by the discovery of his new power, he had almost forgotten all about him. He flew down slowly and cautiously, trying to remember in which part of the room Sahel had been. Rocks and debris were still falling from the ceiling, the place were really unstable, ready to break down. Sahel was nowhere to be seen. He landed on the ground and walked around, near the place where Sahel should have been, he could feel the heat coming from the ground. The fire was still alive under here. He put both hands on the floor and it started to shake again, digging toward the source of the heat. As he progressed it was warmer and warmer. Finally he reached Sahel. He was sitting on the ground at the exact same spot in the exact same position as if the world falling apart around him had nothing to do with him. The fire around him had formed an orange and yellow fire bubble to protect him, the last insight of survival coming from his unconscious.
“I can’t believe this guy”, Azazel said. Getting down.
He pierced into the bubble easily and grabbed Sahel pulling him up. Sahel looked at him with a blank face.

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