Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 69

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“Now!” The older demon yelled again in a ton of voice that wouldn’t let chance of anyone to talk back.
The brought the chain and it was the last time Azazel heard Kion laugh. As they pierced his wings on both side of the upper bones, Kion started to yell in pain, the blood was leaking out of the wound and the bones were visible. They passed the chains around the bone and hanged him up from the ceiling, even the demons that had been amorphous as if under constant anesthesia in their cage started to move to look at what was happening. Wings were the most fragile part of the demon’s body, it was the place where ended most of the nervous combinations. Kion yelled for days, never stopping to eat or sleep, the cave was constantly filled with his pain until he finally collapsed of exhaustion after two interminable weeks. Azazel thought that he knew what pain was just because he had been looking at him at that time, trying to avoid it at first but it had made it worse, trying to comfort him but at that time too his vocal cords had disappeared. He finished coughing. It was a dry cough, he felt as if his lungs were going to go out of his chest from his mouth and was trying to hold them in. He pressed on the wall as much as he could, concentrating on his goal.
“I have to get to Sahel, I have to get to Sahel.”
He suddenly felt as if the wall was moving slowly under his fingers. He pressed a little bit harder, it wasn’t his imagination, the wall was moving and the ground was moving too, he concentrated his power on the ground, moving it up slowly in waves. He was forming a wall between himself and the fire. The dust was flying everywhere, catching fire and falling around him and on him but he didn’t release the pressure. He had never even thought that he was capable to do that. Whenever he had used his earth power, it was to grow things or cure flowers. It wasn’t something really impressive. Most people could actually use earth power without being an earth demon, just for him it worked a little better, so well in fact that he was able to change into a tree. Some called it shape shifting, but it was really at the base of being a Nephilim, some Watcher born kids could also do it and that was when the trouble appeared for them, like it did for Evalynn, half breed were not happy, anywhere they went, there was a part of them belonging somewhere else. He was letting the wall grow around him. He had never imagined that he could control the ground, the earth, the rocks, everything around, it was a hard job, he was pushing with all his will power. He was breathing heavily, because for the task he was performing, he needed much more strength than usual, and the fire was already decreasing due to the lack of oxygen. He could hear the cracking sound of the molecules breaking in the air. He felt on his knees still pushing on the ground with his mind to raise the walls around him a little bit more. That was it, he was safe, at least for the moment. He took a small breath, trying to test the air to see if it was ok, the temperature around him had already significantly dropped. He took a deep breath and another and another, he was still lacking oxygen, he needed to get out of here, as soon as possible but he needed to get Sahel to stop his madness first, before the entire cave turned into a brazier, before the entire world turned into the realm of lava. He could feel somewhere in himself that the rocks had started to melt. He opened a little hold in the wall to see Sahel, the fire rushed in and he had to step back before having his eyes completely burned. Damn that was painful. The fire retracted a little and he took a good look at Sahel, he was still sitting on the ground, not even looking at what had just happened in front of him. A half smile crossed Azazel’s face.
“My five minutes of unnoticed glory”, he said to himself spitefully.

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