Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 68

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“I hate being a freaking Earth demon” he yelled in his head feeling trapped like never before, even when he was a kid in his cage, being tortured by the Watcher, there had been moment of rests, moment when he could almost smile. 

Like when they were asleep and he was exchanging stories of the past with Kion. Kion was not like him, Kion hadn’t been as lucky as him, Kion had died. They had been so cruel with him that he had vomited more than once when forced to watch. They had brought Kion few months after he arrived himself in that cave. For some reason Watchers liked caves at least to do their own dirty business, as if they could erase the smell of sweat and blood while going back up to the surface to see their wife and kids after a day of hard work, as if the shadow of the dead following them was going to disappear in the darkness of the cave, as if their horns weren’t a reminder of how many had died from their hands. Watchers liked cave, and Azazel hated them, when the teacher had taken him the sanctuary and he had to go down to the cave, he had hesitated again, feeling trapped and he had sat, long hours at the entrance, making sure to always be able to see the sky. The sky was making him feel free, in the sky, he could fly, in the cave or the cage, he couldn’t, just like Kion, after entering the cave, Kion would never be able to fly again. Kion was just a little bit older than him when he first arrived probably no more than nine or ten years old. He was walking with his back straight, and his chin high, as if the world belonged to him. It was a terrible vision for him to see a boy his age walking around the cave while he was held up in the cage, feeding the ants. But that didn’t last long. They didn’t have another free cage, they were all packed with Nephilim or at least what was left of them after months and years of the insane treatment they were through. Kion looked around intensely, it was as if his eyes were piercing through the walls without seeing them but seeing something deeper, a lot further away than anyone would imagine. He stopped to look at Azazel and his eyes turned completely white, not like if he was looking up to make his pupil disappear, but they quickly changed color getting lighter and lighter until there was nothing left. Then he started to shake violently he was taking steps in random direction, walking and hurting himself to tables, cages and wall of the cage without ever taking his white empty gaze away from Azazel. Azazel had moved to the further away part of his cage, holding the bars being him, he was afraid, there was something very disturbing about the other kids, he was scared.
“He is doing it again”, one of the Watcher said.
“Kick him, kick him” the other answered and they started to kick Kion as if he was a soccer ball, pushing him in all direction as he was still shaking and walking randomly around fixing Azazel. And suddenly he stopped and felt on the floor and started to laugh like carzy, it wasn’t a happy laugh, it was an insane laugh. “What did you see? What did you see?” the older Watcher asked him. He held him above the floor by the collar.
Kion didn’t answer. He was laughing and laughing insanely as if relieved from something that he only could know. The demon shook him more and more but Kion would only laugh.
“I’m going to make sure that you stop laughing once and for all” the demon said. “Bring me chains and fix them at the ceiling.”
The other demons looked at each other puzzled.
“Now!” the older demon yelled.
“But, we have been said to let him move around”, one of the demon ventured.

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