Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jimmy X (A-to-Z challenge 2016)

The theme of my A-to-Z April Challenge this year is dolls, as I have a lot of dolls and I'm pretty sure I can go from A-to-Z with them. For J I'm going to introduce a single doll.

I could have made this one about Johan and Nella, both version of the Milky Rail train but I'll keep that for another letter because little Jimmy X needs a bit of love. He is one of the last Isul I got, actually I got him at the same time as Isul Apolo (see yesterday's post) so I was very busy making Apolo's video and photo session and I left little Jimmy a bit on the side.

Jimmy X is my little British Punk. 
As you can see he has a very nice had and the Union Jack on a parts of his outfit.
The groove dolls all come with and ID card.
One on the thing I last the most is apparent something people don't like too much generally. There are a lot of Jimmy X with different wig but I totally love his hair. I think that the one side effect gives his a very special and unique look.
He also has skulls on his outfit
Some kind of attitude
He also comes with a leopard jacket that he is not wearing at the moment.


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