Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 67

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“Damn as soon as I’m out of here I swear I’ll lock her in the closet and remove her clothes faster than she had ever see me do it and I don’t care how much she is going to yell at me afterward for not being decent and finish my duty or letting her finish hers before jumping on her, I’ll keep her in until she shut up then I’ll keep her in longer”, he thought. “Damn girl, I like when she yells at me and she knows it makes me just want more so she just keeps on tantalizing me like that. Why the hell Sahel is he going crazy for a human? He really doesn’t know what he is missing.”
He finally reached the end of the corridor, a thick black smoke was going out of the room, and flames were leaking the walls everywhere. He was suddenly taken by a heavy cough. He held his chest trying to call Sahel. But in the fire, he couldn’t even hear his own voice. He tried to form a ball of water but it was evaporating as fast as it was forming.
“Holy damnation, I hate being an Earth demon so bad”, he said to himself. Swearing was a sort of relieved and at least he was able to hear his own thought, the fire and the smell of blood in this dark place was making him feel a bit lonely. He wondered how long he could stand until the oxygen was completely gone.
He tried to pass the door but the flames were rushing in his direction as if they also were trying to escape the place.
“I just hope he didn’t change into the phoenix, or I’ll be dead just trying to reach him, holy damnation if I get him out alive I’ll swear I’ll kill him”
He moved around staying as close to the wall as he could, trying to extinguish the fire that was catching on his clothes before they totally burn out. He was breathing through his sleeve trying not to inhale the smoke, his mind was started to get smoky too when he finally saw Sahel in the corner of the room sitting like if he was already dead. That was very bright for a demon letting his power going out of him without caring about anything else but at least some self protecting barrier had formed around him and the fire didn’t seem to be all that strong over there. Azazel took a deep breath and started to cough. Whoever said that you need to take a deep breath before starting anything difficult was an idiot, there were situation when that was far for applicable and that was one of them. Azazel held on the wall as much as he could, the air around him was burning him outside and inside, he tried to yell had Sahel again but it seemed to him that his vocal cords had disappeared. His water power was useless, he couldn’t fight Sahel’s unconscious fire with fire, that was absurd, Sahel was the phoenix after all, he would even be reborn from his ashes, he couldn’t even heal himself, his heather power was useless, healing needed to be nourished from somewhere, form the molecules in the air, from food and his stomach was empty.

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