Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 66

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

He stood back with difficulty. He wanted to quit. He wanted to run away, to go back to the sanctuary but he couldn’t, it was as if there was a force around him, something in the shadow telling him to follow Sahel, to be there, because he could definitely be the last one to stand this time.
“I must be crazy”, he said out loud, yelling in the corridor as if expecting for an answer. But only the echo answered back to him. He help himself to the wall, walking as fast as he could after Sahel.

Sahel burned the following door, it was the last one. He wasn’t taking any precaution anymore. He could have burned down the entire place now, nothing would have change the result. Brownie was gone, gone for good, they had her and he didn’t know where to find them anymore. He entered the room and looked around, empty, empty like the rest of them. He threw away the tables and chair in front of him, he wasn’t thinking anymore. He had spend so much time in the demon world, to get powerful ally with the teacher, to be able to make them safe, the sanctuary, his home, to understand his powers to control them. He had run in the fairy world to help Seti, he had gone everywhere he could except to the only place where he should have been. All that wasted time amounted to nothing, all his work had failed today because they had her, not only had he been unable to protect her but now he was also unable to find her. Tables and chairs were burning around him. The fire was going up the walls. He sat in the corner, his head in his hand and started to cry. He had never been without her, without her, he was lost, without her everything could end right here, he didn’t care about anything anymore.
Azazel arrived following the smell of the smoke. The place was very humid but the fire seemed to be strong.
“Sahel has really gone crazy, what a dumb ass”, he said before forming water bubbles in his hand and splashing himself. The air was slowly drying, soon he would be unable to use the water in the air to progress, this was insane. What was Sahel trying to prove anyway, that he was sad, strong, nuts or all of that simultaneously? Definitely not that he was smart at least cause staying in a cave after setting it on fire was one of the worse idea ever.
Azazel started to cough, he was pushing the fire as much as he could but he wasn’t a fire demon and he couldn’t use his powers to his full abilities here.
“I hate being a Earth demon, yeah I can change into a tree, yeah that’s so much fun to make Evalynn high but except from that it’s freaking useless. If I even start thinking about doing something here, I would burn like dry wood. What the hell is Sahel thinking?” he was talking out loud to himself to give himself courage, the air was burning his nose from inside every time he was breathing and the oxygen seemed to have completely disappeared from it before reaching his lungs. He was still feeling dizzy for his non-fight with Sahel. Other people would have call it a fight but there is not much glory about being straight vanquished before even being able to move. Sahel was not himself anymore. Azazel wondered why he was like that because of a human. He was happy to have Evalynn around and all that but he wouldn’t see the problem if she was too be gone. Or maybe he would have, he wasn’t really sure himself thinking about it. Since his family was dead, he had always refused to get close to anyone. He didn’t want to make kids in this world where they weren’t welcome, he didn’t see the point to just let them die, or alone without being able to take care of them because you were too dead for that, he didn’t want to see other people he liked dying so he had decided not to like anyone anymore but damn this girl was special. She was the only one who had the exact same ability he had, it was impossible to describe and it was a miracle. He wanted to transform with her again and again, there was no way to stop it, he was totally addicted to her wooden body, that was the best part in it all and no other girl had it. The pain he was feeling every time he was meeting her, the fights were nothing compared to that, he wanted more, a lot more.

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