Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 65

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

Sahel kicked the fifth door open. Azazel was being him, trying to resonate with him but it seemed useless, as if he was talking in the vacuum, his words unable to be propagated to Sahel’s ears.
“There is no way you’re going to find anything like this, especially here, the place is dead, it was abandoned long ago, there is nothing here, just try to think a little bit more and we’ll find a way”, he repeated for he didn’t know how many time.
They had run threw all corridors in the maze of the underground school. There was nobody here, the place smelled like fire and old dry blood, even demons would have cleaned up before doing anything.
Sahel kicked the sixth door open. He was hot, like burning. Azazel could feel the warm coming out of him, as if he was going to burn the entire place down if they weren’t to find a clue very soon. He was becoming impatient too.
“Ok look here”, he stood just in front of Sahel, between him and the door.
“Move away”, Sahel said angrily. There was a chance that Brownie was just behind this door, he couldn’t stop now, at least not until he had search this place and broken all doors.
“I’m not moving. I’m fed up too”, Azazel said, “You had to stop behaving like a moron and start thinking before you kill her.”
Sahel pushed him violently on the side before kicking the door open. Azazel was prepare but he still felt on the floor.
“Yah!”, he said standing up again. Sahel didn’t bother looking at him, he turned in the next corridor, it was the last one, it was so silent.
Azazel placed himself just in front of Sahel and punched him in the face hard, putting all his strength into it. Sahel took a step back, blood leaking from his exploded lips.
“You don’t want to do that”, he said.
“You have to reconsider who is your enemy, what they want and why they took your girlfriend, and that’s not me and yeah I want to do that, do you really think that you are the only one around who can fight, bring it own”, Azazel said.
Sahel looked at him, the round black shape in the middle of his eyes had changed to the shape of flames dancing slowly.
“Hesitating”, Azazel said laughing, thinking that he had finally made it through Sahel’s thick head. Either he wasn’t as weak as he had felt since he had met him or Sahel was suddenly lacking confidence. He started to say something but he didn’t have time to finish his sentence that Sahel projected himself against him pushing him hard on the rocky wall of the cave, carrying him up with a hand around his neck. He shook his head with a despising look.
“Don’t get in my way, you don’t measure up”, Sahel said softly.
He pressed on Azazel harder, Azazel grit his teeth not to yell. Every move had stopped around them. Everything was quiet.
Sahel suddenly released Azazel and started to run in the corridor again. Azazel felt on the floor holding his throat, taking back his breath, a deep red mark with the shape of Sahel’s hand was printed on his skin.
“That bastard”, he stood up with difficulty.
Getting to Sahel was the last of his problem now. He was feeling weak and betrayed. He had agreed to follow Sahel and Seti to help the teacher, he had agreed to it because at first he wanted to protect the sanctuary against the Watchers. Then he had established this deeper connection with Seti, sharing the powers with him for a brief moment they had gone out of the demon world for his good but everything was always about Sahel or Seti, he was always second class compared to them. There was nothing to be done about it, they had a tremendous power that he could only dream about and they were staying with him only for convenience. For a moment he had thought, after they had come back from the fairy world, that they could be friends, that they could be more than just someone he had to follow to make the teacher happy. But that was impossible, he was only the one pushed around, the stooge, the “faire-valoir”, the one making them look so good because he was looking so bad.
“That bastard”, he repeated angrily.

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