Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 64

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“You’re a demon!”
A little boy appeared just in front of her. He was really small with orange hair and it had first seemed to her that he had something looking like cat ears on the top of his head but she realized that she was probably mistaken.
“You’re a demon!” he said again looking at her and coming closer.
He was so close that he had to put his head completely back discovering his neck to be able to look at her face. She would have picked up any little demon doing that but she felt uncomfortable touching a baby human, like she would be in trouble for hurting it involuntarily or something.
“Yes I am, aren’t you scared?” she answered.
“Nah, I’m never scared of demons, there are always a lot of them in this house”, the little boy said.
She would have sworn that she had seen ears on this head, coming and disappearing. It might have been her imagination but it was really distracting, she couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying.
“I’m looking for… well…” she realized that she didn’t even know the name of the vampire, “a vampire.”
“Which one?” the little boy answered.
She could have sworn that she had seen a tail in his back, coming and disappearing. She shook her head to take the thought away, what was wrong with her eyes.
“Because there are several?” she asked thinking that it might even be the end of the world. First everything was becoming scary in the demon world, and now she was in a house filled with vampire.
“Yes, even more than demons, they are scarier also but most of them only go out at night.” The boy answered.
Evalynn thought a little, she was trying to resonate with a four years old human. She might as well try it the easy way.
“One that is awake during the day”, she answered.
The little boy didn’t move, and didn’t answer. He waited a little bit, as if he needed more information then turned around and jumped on the sofa.
“So…” she said.
“You’re boring, I won’t help you”, he said.
“Ok”, Evalynn answered walking out of the room.
“Wait, wait, what do you give me if I help you”, the little boy say running after her. He took her hand and grind in a way that had nothing like a four year old expression, it looked more like a fox.
“I’m not sure”, she answered taken aback.
“It’s ok, I’ll take you there”, he said passing in front of her and leading her to the stairs leading to the second floor.
“Are you sure it’s not the opposite direction”, she asked.
“Trust me, I live her”, Yobi answered grinning like crazy even more.
It might have been her imagination but she wasn’t really sure of what she was seeing anymore.

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