Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 63

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“I will need a bit of time, but that should be ok”, the vampire answered.
“I’ll take care of the sample, the first who finishes came to find the other”, Gideon said walking away not even bothering to answer to Evalynn.
She looked at him as he walk away wondering what he really meant by “Sahel can” after all. For her, Sahel was the strangest demon she had ever seen but somehow he was more of a demon than most of them.
“We need to get back with Sahel and Az”, she said to Seti.
“I’d rather stay here until we know exactly what’s going on and I don’t know where to find them anyway”, Seti answered.
“They are at the demon school, the place where you go to get your powers”, Viorel answered looking at the wall. He was frowning, the information Seti had obtained seemed to have erased all information on the wall.
“How do you know that?” Evalynn answered.
“Because he said he was going where everything begun and for him that’s where everything begun”, he answered. “Now if you will excuse me, I have much of work to do.”

Seti threw a look at Evalynn before following Viorel. Evalynn hesitated before following too. She wondered when the day had turned so bad, probably not when she got up this morning. Everything was find at that time, she believed that Seti’s wound was just normal or a side effect of dating a fairy, or a side effect of losing his chaos powers or a side effect of all the bad things they had inhaled in the fairy world or a side effect of just being a watcher, or a side effect of just being him. Actually she didn’t care much, he was the one who got hurt, it had nothing to do with her. When she woke up this morning, she believed that the teacher was the only person she could trust and that he was so trustable that he would never make any mistake leading to put them and the sanctuary in danger. When she woke up this morning, she thought that she would fight with Azazel all day as usual. But being with those boys all the time had taken her very far away from what she wanted her life to be. They were nothing but trouble. It was as if they were asking for it, trouble was attached to their skin, glued to them, impossible to remove, once you have fixed something, it was starting again, something new was happening. It had all started when she had met Sahel. He was the one creating trouble around. First the teacher was there at the school to get out the Nephilim kids who hadn’t been detected already or kids like her, stuck with a Watcher parent to torture them and take who they were out of them. But the Watcher hadn’t detected Sahel. Sahel’s powers hadn’t appeared the same her did, and still he needed to be retrieved from the Watchers hand. She hadn’t been to the school at the time of the big fight but she had heard that as they were fighting to get Sahel out of there, he wasn’t even there and he had appeared later to help. She wondered what the fight was all about really, Watchers and Nephilim fighting together against some more Watcher, probably nobody there could even tell who was on their side or what, a pure demonic cacophony. But then the trouble had started, Az and her had decided to follow the teacher everywhere and he had been using them as spies to know the where about of Sahel and then Seti. Of course she had agreed, having a watcher around was dangerous, he could turn against them when they were less prepared for it. So she just stayed with them and Az had became connected to that guy in a way she couldn’t even describe or imagine. She was having a hard time following them around, she was getting tired and today was the worse. When they had visited the fairy world, she had thought that it would be the last time something so frightening would happen. But apparently she was wrong. The Watchers could appear everywhere, in this house, in the sanctuary making people disappear, there was no place where she could be safe anymore. The teacher was wrong, just old and wrong, she didn’t want to wait anymore and let the demons approach her, and she didn’t want to be killed or even worse, brought back to her father. She was contemplating her dark thoughts and didn’t realize that Viorel and Seti were gone too far for her to catch up.

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