Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Taster 86: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.

"Enough," one of the council member said. "Pilots, do you have anything to say for your defense."
"No," Debby said.
"No," Klara answered.
They could have been yelling that they didn't do anything wrong, that would have helped me to have someone ready to yell on my side but they both seemed resigned.
"You are accused of leaving your position without preparation to have put his ship into danger, are you aware of that," the patient man added.
"Yes," they both said.
"And you don't have anything to say about that," he asked again.
"These creatures are not made to be pilots, just look at them," Tucker said, "they are unable to think."
"Enough," one of the council member said and I wondered for a minute if it was his only role.
Curiously, there were no female in the council, I wondered if I should be happy about it or not. "May I speak?" I asked. I mean I had things to say but I wasn't going to let them yelling enough at me. The polite approach seemed to be the best.
"You may speak captain," the patient man said.
"If you decide to take the ship back," I didn't know where because I truly didn't have a clue. "I want it to be quarantined until we figure out who tried to poison my pilots," I said.
"Why are you still on with this nonsense?" Tucker said.
I walked closer to the council's table.
"This mission is obviously important enough for someone to try ruining it," I said. "If you decided to send the ship back, I want it quarantined."
"Is that all captain?"
"The matter is in your hands," I looked at the patient man straight in his blue eyes. The council members stood up and one by one disappeared through a little door on the other side of the table. I fixed the door until it was closed behind the last of them.
"Are you all right?" I walked to the girls and squatted in front of Klara's chair.
"You shouldn't have tried to protect us," she said.
"They are going to take the ship away from you," Debby said.
I checked their wrists, they were a bit swollen but nothing that would last if we took the chain off soon enough.
"I need you, we need to finish what we started, they don't want to get us there and I want to know why," I whispered.
I didn't want Tucker to hear me. I needed to find a way to get this mission over. I wanted time alone with the girls to tell them why it was so important to me. Why I needed to go there now and couldn't wait for a shuttle after going back.

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