Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sahel and the dragon

In August 2014, I started to work on a project. It was an illustration for one of my draft call Dark Druids which might or might not get published, it sure needs a really big rewrite as I'm not happy with it at the moment, too much violence.
The drawing was a scene between Sahel meeting a dragon is a sort of dream space. It looked like this.
We couldn't see much of the dragon, so I wasn't very happy. Then I thought it was going to take for ever and things got in the way and I had other things to do and well, the drawing was stored for later.

A few days ago, I reopened it, digitized it and started working on it again. Today, I think it's finished. Here is the result.
I'm happy because we can see a lot more of the dragon and there is a background too. I'm really slow at finishing projects but I always get them done anyway.

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