Saturday, March 19, 2016

北海道の雪祭り2016 (Snow festivals in Hokkaido 2016) : Asahikawa zoo

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Asahikawa has one of the most amazing zoo I ever visited so of course I wanted to visit it again. It has rather large space for the animals compared to most zoo and a reduce number of species. I really enjoyed taking animals pictures, especially of penguins and wolves. I tried to take a video of the penguin walk but sort of failed. Everything was set up perfectly until a guy came to tell me that I needed to be closer to the ground. 5 guys saw me and said nothing but this one really wanted me particularly to get my camera lower while a lot of people were doing the same. So I had to change all the settings and it wasn't so bright anymore. I don't know why he asked random people to get down and let others stand up it was so weird. 
Anyway I have a lot of animal pictures so I'll only put up a few her today. 

There was always a leading penguin and he accelerated every time another tried to pass in front of him, that was too funny.

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