Saturday, March 26, 2016

Azone doll: Lil'fairies diorama

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I always wanted a diorama or a doll house. It's nice to have my dolls on the shelves but I always felt that there was something missing a little bit. When I see dolls at the store or at the doll shows, a lot of people present them in nice display which give them more life. I wanted something unique to do the same. That day, I was shopping at the yakuen store and I found an empty book box and that was it. I had the idea to transform the inside to make a house for my lil'fairies. The other dolls are a bit too big to fit in, even the lil'fairies are just at the size. I bought some diy furnitures. Places the paper on the walls, made some shelves, later added a window and that's it, my lil'fairies have a place to put their stuff (and stuff from other dolls) and to play. The book box is also easily transported as every thing fits inside.

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