Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: Sherlock: A case of evil

I am a huge fan of dectective stories, it started young with Agatha Christie and continued with Connan Doyle and over the year I read the complete adventure of Sherlock Holmes. I think it's only normal for me to watch the movies too. Today I'll talk about the movie from 2002, I'll talk about the TV series later too. 

The story: A Young Sherlock Holmes is looking for fame and at the very start of the movie, he gets it by killing the most dangerous criminal in England, Professor Moriarty, but the body is never found. After the incident, Sherlock starts to helps the police in the pursue of a serial killer and meet Dr. Watson. But everything is not as it seems and as the investigation continues things turn darker and darker.

My feelings: I liked this movie, it was really well done. In a way I think a passionate Sherlock Holmes with intense emotion running is a bit more convincing than the new trend where Sherlock behave like a sociopath. We have to remember that Sherlock Holmes is good with disguise and can certainly understand human nature very well. The movie makes him appear human. The plot is also very subtle and clear with a lot happening and every details are related to come to the same conclusion. Even though the signature on the arm part made me laugh. 


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