Saturday, August 15, 2015

Azone doll: Chocomind Ice cream Lycee

Together with the Peach Maya and my Dal Tweety, I also got the Chocomind Lycee. I don't know if I'll get the full set because that's still a lot of dolls but we'll see in the future if they appear cheaper on the second hand website. 
I like the Lycee a lot. I was more excited about getting the Peach Maya but in the end maybe I like the Chocomind a little better. The colors of there outfit are really nice and she has striking nice blue eyes that seem a bit out of place in the mind green and brown theme and I think that makes her even cooler.
 Under the bubble wrap!
 In the box, she seems so shy and sweet in her box. totally awesome already!
 She doesn't have bows like the Peach Maya, instead she comes with a head band but on this picture I didn't put all her accessory on yet.
 She has a collar without a shirt, I think that's funny. It was a bit hard to put on, I need some practice with smaller items.
 So here she has the collar, the maid headband, and the wrists bands on.
 Maya finally manage to get Lycee on her fit to dance.
 It's time to party! She also has a tree pieces outfit with the apron the top dress and a dress underneath.
 Still dancing.
 And group picture around my working space. It's getting more and more crowded.
 The back of the boxes.

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