Saturday, August 8, 2015

Azone doll: Peach Pie Maya

I hesitated at lot about getting dolls lately. Yes, I know I've gotten so many that it doesn't really sound like it. I'm end out thinking every time that you always regret more what you don't do than what you actually do. I mean there was a Paja a bit cheaper than usual as well on the second hand website I use and I didn't get her and I regret a bit. I think she looked so cool in her dinosaurs outfit. I guess I'll get her later.
Anyway, her are the pictures of my Peach Pie Maya which I called Peach Maya for short all the time. 

The Peach Maya didn't come alone, I also had two other doll coming, one will be uncovered on Monday and the other one next Saturday.  You can try and leave your guess at who they are in the comments.
 Under the bubble wrap!
 Prisoner! She already looks so sweet in her box looking up like that. And she has the Azone Limited stickers!
 And here she is. She comes with a very complex outfit. I think that's one of the think that attract me with the Azone dolls, their outfits are always so detailed.
 She has bows in her hair and lace around her neck.
 Bow on the other side.
 She has an apron and a dress cover on the top of her dress.
 She has a M on her apron that stands for Maya.
 And now it's dancing time. She is trying to motivate her friend but the other girl just wants to sit on the floor so you can only see a leg. You'll meet her next Saturday.

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